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Review: POV-House

Tags: simulation, interactive porn


POV-House is a porn game you have to download on your computer. Software is free, you only pay to add video content and adventures scripts. In the game, you talk with a girl on a POV video through a dialog windows with several different options available for you to choose from.

The are two kind of game modes :

Aventure mode: you talk with a girl in a special context (for example, she is your Personal Trainer) and you have to seduce her by selecting your response from the options available on screen (but it's more difficult than always answer "yes"). The more the conversation progresses, the hotter the action becomes and eventually, you unlock the second mode.

Porn mode: in this mode, you don't have to choose the rights answers anymore. You only give orders to the girl during the sexual intercourse and all your fantasy will be satisfied. You can either give her orders in the dialog window or either choose your action on a menu on the left of the screen.

Note that an "adventure girl" is always followed by a "porn mode". This game is really very original and each adventure has its own special script (the Personal Trainer, the maths problem, the job interview...). Interactions with girls are great and make the game really exciting. Realisation is very good and HD video quality excellent.

Website as game and dialogs are available in English and in french. Pricing is highly competitive with a tickets sytem to buy girls (a girl costs 2 or 3 tickets).

There are only two little downsides: video content are quite big even if you can download most of them in less than 10 minutes with a broad-band connection. And there are only 9 girls available, but the product is new and many other adventures should come soon.


Pros and cons:

  • All in HD
  • Not enough girls so far


Originality: 17 / 20

Erotic potential: 18 / 20

Realisation: 19 / 20

Value for money: 19 / 20

Originality: 5 / 20

Cost: 1 ticket for 3.00 euros, 20 tickets for 25 euros