A classic amongst porn simulator

Virtuafem is a famous porn simulation game. Its long-term presence in the market gives you the possibility to download a lot of different models. The chat interface interface allow a great deal of interactivity with the girl. It's a genuine classic.

The game-play is as simple as efficient : you chat with a girl on a POV video as you would do on a live show website. Your partner will execute your orders or answer you through the windows synthesis voice system.

The conversation can not be very meaningful, the IA is not perfect and anyway most of the time, the girl wants to "ride your cock" as soon as possible. But you'll definitely feel excited while giving orders.

You can also set up a voice recognition system on your PC, but it's not easy to do, but the result is really impressive. There are also a few menus with some icons to click on if you don't appreciate the chat system.

The graphics are basic but you won't have any visibility issues.

The negative: videos are not of very high quality despite the recent technological progresses in video compression. But otherwise the experience is definitely worth giving a try! VirtualFem is definitely a must of porn games


  • Realism, Interactivity...
  • Number of girls you can play with, you won't get bored
  • Variety of different scenes for each girls
  • Value for money


  • Video quality is not always wonderful but it seems to get better with newest girls.
  • The website and software are quite ugly.
  • Some of the girls are not my taste at all.
  • The artificial intelligence has limitations
  • Synthetic voice is not sexy.


Originality: 18 / 20
Erotic potential: 18 / 20
Realisation: 13 / 20
Value for money: 16 / 20
Gobal: 16 / 20


Visit their website: VirtualFem

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