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Strip High-low games

You are in a group of very lovely ladies who are more than willing to take it off in front of you. The thought of seeing those tits, perky to generously-sized is getting your blood pumping into your package with thoughts of just what might come later. But the problem is that a game of strip poker or blackjack takes an awful lot of time to get from dealing the cards to the first article of clothing to be removed, much less those lick-able tits being revealed. That's may not be the kind of strip cards games you are looking for. Or perhaps the challenge is that those "blessed" girls are not all that "blessed" in the brains department. So a strategic strip game requiring thought processes that are beyond them might take even more time than the game itself. What to do?

High cards and Low cards

First, determine if your companion(s) can count, or at least will know the difference between a high card and a low card in a standard deck of cards. Then suggest a simple game of Strip High-Low, or if they aren’t terribly good at spelling Strip Hi-Lo. If they can't count, do not even try to make them play poker! Here is how the game works:

Everyone sit down at the table fully clothed. The dealer shuffles the deck of cards and turns the first one face up. The players then guess whether the next card will be higher or lower than the card turned face up. If they are right they win the round. If they are wrong, one article of clothing is removed. The dealer can also guess and remove clothing at a loss or you can rotate dealers making the dealer immune from guessing. If the first card you turn over is a two or an ace, turn over another one because that one wouldn’t really be fair to guess at.

Let's face reality though. Chances are, you are NOT in a group of very lovely ladies, and if you are, they are probably not in the mood to remove their clothing in front of you. If they are, then chances are you may not want to risk premature blindness by seeing them au naturel. So what to do? Don't worry! There are online games on video for you to watch. There are even some online games you can play! And these ladies are lovely. They are of all shapes, ethnicities and breast sizes. Watch these riveting videos as each card is revealed and one by one the bras start dropping to the floor.

Amateur strippers in a game of pure chance removing their clothes for you. It will be a night you will remember and as the number of these videos is seemingly unending, it will make for a very long one too.

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