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The sex therapist 2 ep. 8

Waiting for Angel



You have no news from Angel and ansolutely no idea on how went her date with Natalia. You definitely should try to reach her today but in the mean time, you still have to answer your patients calls and precisely today, an old patient your forgot about has some questions for you...

In this eigth episode of our sex games series, Dr Jones and Erica are looking forward to get news from Angel and her secret mission!

Comments (14)



05/30/2023 11 months ago

What are the actors names?



01/02/2023 1 year ago

hay un error en este episodio por que falta un capitulo



08/18/2019 4 years ago

Walkthrough 100%

2. Take the call, Angel can wait
3. Hello, Rachel!
2. I remember you very well, you're a cleaner
1. That would be immoral, he's married...
3. Do you want to be another conquest on his list?
2. Then, you know what you need to do!
2. Weird, especially with your body...
2. I understand your frustration.
1. Yes, and I wouldn't resist very long!
2. Show me
2. You do have a great ass.
2. You need to go further, I think that's all you need to do.
3. You could do a lot more, believe me.
2. You need to go slowly... Up until he can't take it anymore!
1. I want to but how far are you willing to go?
1. Perfect. Sit Down!
1. We are going to pretend like I'm your employer...
1. To prepare you, we're going to exaggerate what you're going to do...
Visible Shoe
Upper Thigh Below Skirt
1. Now take your top off!
2. Who knows...
Click Breasts
1. Maybe not...
1. Yes!
All 3 work
Hand on your left
1. I think we should stop there then.
2. Maybe your right...
Both work
2. Oh, I think that's a great idea...
2. It would be a shame not to turn him on by dhowing him your ass...
1. OK!
2. Really?
1. Well I think you're ready now!
1. Good luck!
!. Goodbye, Rachel.

2. Call Angel Bird
1. Do Nothing
1. Do Nothing
2. Call Erica.

2. Hello! Nice to meet you, Betty, I'm Dr. Jones.
All 3 Work
2. It's a pleasure, Betty. I hope she didn't say anything bad...
1. Suzie always liked to chat...
1. She's not the easiest to deal with.
2. And like Suzie, do you study sexology?
3. What a coincidence! I actually do some amateur photography myself...
2. Sorry, I have other things I need to do.
3. Take photos of you?
1. Maybe, but I'm not very good!
3. Sound interesting...
2. OK! Send me your address!
1. Yes...
2. Go and see Betty.

At Betty's
All 3 Work
2. I'll do my best!
1. Really.. ?
1. Of course...
2. Sure thing. Shoot...
4. She didn't want to! That's all I asked for!
1. And still...
1. Of course...
2. Not at all. Turn around and lower your panties...
1. I think so too.
1. Take off your dress.
1. Take your panties off and I'll take some more photos...
1. Yes?
Click Hands
3. Put my cock back in your mouth and suck it hard.
3. Keep going!
2. That's enough... Lie down and spread your legs.
2. Go deeper.
2. Keep going.
1. Roll her on to her side.
1. OK!
Click Cock
2. Get on top!
Click Clit
2. Keep going like that.
1. Keep going.
1. OK.. !
1. No, I'm not done with you.
1. Suck me off now!
Both Work
1. I think so too. Bye. Betty.
1. Bye, Betty.

2. Go back to your office.
2. Go back to your PC.

2. Answer.
1. Hello!
All 3 Work
1 or 2
1. But what.. ?
1. OK, let's get to the mist urgent matter; you need to masturbate.
1. Yes. You're edgy. Make yourself cum and then we'll talk.
1. It's just like watching a porno: it doesn't count.
2. Concentrate on your fantasies...
1. Go on...
2. How big?
1. Yes, you'll feel more comfortable...
Both Work
Click Panties
3. You're very sexy.
Click Hand On Your Left
1. Use your fingers...
2. Keep touching yourself...
3. Good, now, we can talk.
All 3 work
1. Very well, speak to you soon...

2. Read it.



08/17/2019 4 years ago

Walkthrogh 96%

232 132 221 222 321 111 mouse breast leg pussy 12 breast breast 112 mouse panties R.hand 122 leg pussy pussy 221 211 1


Erica 222 112 323 132 12

Betty 321 124 112 111 1 hand 332 221 1 cock 2 pussy 211 112 112


Alessandra 122 111 121 212 panties 2 hand 111 312



08/17/2019 4 years ago

I just passed Rachel and Alessandra, then Erica called me to her place.
I got on the taxi and the game ended?? Why?
Only 62% of the game.



08/16/2019 4 years ago

Hello, beautiful Rachel I hope we see her again!
In this serie and others later!!!



08/16/2019 4 years ago

guide pls - can't get past rachel and alessandra



08/15/2019 4 years ago

Is there a bug that prevent you from visiting betty? im getting the conversation to:

"Great! Come to my place and we can talk about it!"

but never an alternative to go there


idk22 @Banan

08/15/2019 4 years ago

Weirdly enough, it's not a bug. Once you get to the line you typed, play a bit hard to get. That will do it.



08/15/2019 4 years ago

the game is bug who cant choose your destination lol


Sam admin

08/15/2019 4 years ago

Hi athlete77, sorry about that, let me have a look.



08/15/2019 4 years ago

I think there's a bug in the ending... it says 'the day is over... it's time to go home.' but you can't get to the restart screen.


Sam admin @athlete77

08/15/2019 4 years ago

I think it's fixed, please reload your page and try again.
Sorry about that,


athlete77 @Sam

08/26/2019 4 years ago

No worries, Sam. Thanks for your help!


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