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The Sex Tape 4

Today Terry has to finish the job and give back the money he owes to the bank. Enjoy the last episode of our sex games series ;)

The Sex Tape 3

This is the penultimate episode of "sex tape". Shavon gave Terry the phone numbers of different VIP attending the party and he has one day to contact them all! Terry's method is not necessarily to verify the facts but to make them pass a test of character: who could have been able to take action?

The Sex Tape 2

You are Terry, a freelance journalist. You're passionate about the job but you've been having a hard time paying the bills for your apartment lately. That's why you accepted a mission without delay from Katia, the director of a tabloid magazine. You have to guarantee the existence of a sex tape, before it is divulged in the press

The Sex Tape 1

You impersonate Terry, a freelance journalist. In this first episode, you are offered a new job: find about a sex-tape involving a famous actor. Investigate in the scene of jet-setters nightlife!

The sex therapist 9

The last episode of "Sex Therapist"! Natalia gave you her last challenge: experience a threesome with Abi and an escort-girl. But Abi is yet to be convinced this is a good idea... Will you succeed in this last step of your therapy?

The sex therapist 8

The 8th episode of Jim, Abi and Natalia's adventures. Jim has an appointment today at Natalia's and he definitely wants to hear her explanations: how did she know about the hotel where Abi cheats on him? Is Jim and Abi's relationship almost over? Fortunately, Natalia is very resourceful...

The sex therapist 7

In this 7th episode (and the following bonus episode) Jim has for now no clue that her wife went to see Natalia to confess her lust for girls. This morning, his boss is once again harassing him about an urgent file. The HR manager could may-be do something about it but there's no such thing as free lunch...

School Girls Teaser

Have a glimpse on our next serie, "School Girls" in this short teaser game. Ivan, now unemployed and single since his last adventures in "The Massage Institute", has found shelter at one of her friends place. But this one now wants to focus on her studies...

The sex therapist 6

In this sixth episode, you impersonate Abi, Jim's wife. You suspect that once again Jim cheated on you with the neighbor. Will you decide to find out the truth? In order to do that, you must pay a visit to Trinity...

The sex therapist 5

In this fifth episode, Jim can't help to think about his neighbour, Trinity. Is it really a good idea to call her back to meet her tonight? Jim does not know yet that the night will be very long and full surprises...

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