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Business Angels 9 part 1




Milly asked you to go to Clem's to make sure her and Amber are friends again...

It's almost time to leave for China but Olivia, Clem and Milla might keep you in town a while longer... Part 2 of this game will be online in a few days!

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03/11/2018 10 months ago

Damn I miss the good ol' series.. The Sex Therapist and The Massage Institute are still far better than the current ones



03/06/2018 10 months ago

one question it said on the game that part two would be online in a few days it is nearly a week since it went up


Julien admin @alamanjaran

03/06/2018 10 months ago

Yep, it's online now ;)



03/03/2018 10 months ago


clem and amber

clem's mouth
clem's mouth
clem's breasts
anber's breasts
clem's belly
clem's panties
amber's breast
amber's panties
clem's mouth
purple vibrator
purple vibrator
1 go in to the bathroom
2 i came to see
2 i've heard screaming
1 i feel better now


green button
3 ok why are you naked
2 it makes sense
3 and that's a good thing, yes
3 why
1 she didn't give you a reason
2 i want to see her
3 i'm a big romantic
1 i know it's none of my business
1 no, of course not
3 it depends
1 i'm sure she was faithful
1 i'm glad
1 it makes me happy
3 we need to find
2 why don't you start to let go
1 ok now same thing
2 if you want, now go
2 ok now think about us both
3 don't think about it
1 why is that
2 keep going
1 maybe you should do it
2 to be honest

call piper

2 great thanks
2 she told you were seeing each other tomorrow
3 did she
2 but you didn't cheat
2 but you want to get back
1 i think you're very important
3 i think you can
2 you should make her a gift
2 she told me she wanted you two to play
1 no. she told me herself
1 great, good luck
1 bye, piper

call milly

4 answer that they're friends again
3 answer ok

1 i didn't come just for that
3 what you promised me yesterday
2 are you kidding
1 of course not
1 tell me
1 ok
2 suck my dick
2 lie down, i want to fuck you
3 ok
2 ok
2 stand up
2 ok
1 ok but i want to take your pussy first
1 ok
1 sure. bye milla

1 is it going that bad
1 i'd love to help you
1 if you want we can try
1 alright