Strip Hangman: playing for her clothes

The popular kids' game of "guess the word" or "hangman" makes an appearance in the fully adult version of "strip hangman" and thus makes another different strip game. There are as many different choices in which woman you would like to play as there are variations on the game itself. The basics are still there, pick the woman. There are blondes, brunettes, redheads, white women, black women, Indian and Asian women and Russian beauties. You guess one letter at a time. With each wrong letter guessed, more of your hanging man appears. You are allowed to miss six guesses before that game ends. (Some games you may miss one or two more or less.)

Tricks for playing strip hangman

A couple of things to keep in mind when playing strip hangman.


Yes, of course you know that spelling counts in a game of hangman. But some of these games are designed and programmed in Europe. So the spelling of ‘theater’ would be ‘theatre’. There are a few words you may be scratching your head over and it may just be that they spell things different in these countries.

Common Strategies

Start with the vowels! It’s no use guessing “X” or “Z” if you don’t have an overall structure to the word. Every word has at least one vowel, every syllable of every word typically has at least one vowel. Let the placement of the vowels guide the rest of your guesses. There are five vowels, you get six wrong guesses, but one or more of those vowels will be in the word.

Use the most commonly used consonants. These include “R”, “S”, “T” and “M”. If you still don’t have a clue to the word sound it out.

Use the codes! If you win a round, you may see a code displayed at the bottom of the screen. This code will return you to that portion of the game where you left off in case you lose a round and don’t want to start over with the woman fully clothed again. Write them down, they are the same today as they were yesterday and will be the same tomorrow.

With every winning round, the woman strikes a different pose and removes, or is in the process of removing an article of clothing. The number of poses varies with each game and with each stripper. So keep those codes, keep winning and come back often.

One other important thing to remember when playing these online stripping games like strip chifumi or hangman, you don’t actually have to remove clothing when you lose. The scantily clad woman on screen won’t care.